Settings for tumblers

Trying to set up my HM Rotary on my K40 and was wondering if anyone has the correct settings to put in for the rotary settings like the circumference and all that kind of stuff trying to set mine up for the 30 oz tumblers but it is coming out way to big and stretched out i got the settings all wrong I believe Thanks in advance and am trying to run Lightburn with a mini gerble2 controller and a HM rotary

A Mini Gerbil is only a 2 axis board, but I have only tested LightBurn with controllers that have a dedicated rotary axis. You’ll need to figure out an appropriate scale factor for your specific rotary and machine to make the rollers move the right amount.

so I know the roller size and put that in there there is two other numbers which look the same to me a object size and circumference size what is the difference in those two lines?

One is the diameter, and one is the circumference - The difference is x 3.14 - that’s actually an honest answer - they’re the same value, with a different scale. If you have calipers, it’s easy to measure diameter but not circumference. If you have a fabric tape measure, it’s easy to measure circumference, but not diameter. If you enter one, the other is computed for you, but you don’t need either one unless you’re trying to figure out how big around the object is.

I am just trying to figure out how to make this work with this board It works with the cheap nano board it comes with so I know it should work with this one just confused is all and can’t get either one of the People I bought the ttems from to respond to me so Thanks for talking to me if there is a way that you know of that it will work please let me know I have it spinning while engraving its just in my opinion spinning to fast maybe.

The one that likely needs to change is the mm/rotation - the first number. If you decrease that, it tells LightBurn that your rotary axis is “shorter” and needs less movement to spin the rotary. Try cutting that number in half and see what changes.

Thanks i will try that…

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