Settings needed to export Lbrn with correct cut settings

OK, Please be kind. I have created a file in Lightburn and want to upload it to a site to sell. I have exported it as SVG and AI but neither is being accepted as cut lines are not as expected R:0G:0B:255 and Engraving, R:255G:0B:0. Currently using Lightburn 0.807 and Emblaser. Is there a quick fix for this? Thanks for your patience. BC

Hi Brett - The 0.9.00 version included a few improvements to SVG export, but none of them had to do with color. I’ve just done a simple design in LightBurn using the red and blue color entries, and they export as R:255 G:0 B:0 and R:0 G:0 B:255 respectively when viewed in InkScape. Do you have InkScape, and can you view the exported files there?

The AI format exported by LightBurn is very simple, though quite old, but it does preserve color as well, and is correctly imported by other software that supports legacy AI.

Does the site you’re trying to upload offer any other specifics about the formats they support?

Hi, Thanks. The site in question is Ponoko. They ask for EPS, SVG or DXF only.Tried re colouring them in Lightburn and I think the B :255 Image to be engraved has disappeared. Had to also reduce line width to 0.01mm - so faint I couldn’t see this at first and thought the lines had been deleted. It has now accepted that upload but I doubt the image transferred.
Cheers, Brett

You say “image” - does your file include an actual image, or just vectors? Images are not exported with SVGs yet (or AI for that matter).

Cheers, Yes it did have a sort of image. Was just a grey shading. Not important that it didn’t transfer. I think It has worked now. Thanks for your assistance. BC