Settings question for correcting incomplete burn, ACW 708c

Hi Folks,
I’m a newbie here. Looking forward to a full test on LB, but I am loving some of the functionality already.

Here is the question:
I am working on testing platform and outputs, but am getting incomplete burn. I was thinking it had something to do with corners quality/speed as first box did not print corners.
I am probably just dumb enough to not know where to look next.
Assistance appreciated.
Many Thanks,

Chet Davis

What I am running:
Diode 5-6w via a Trocen AWC 708c board using Lightburn, I noted the mm/s vs mm/min and have it set to mm/min

The test is on some standard cardboard actual dimension are something like 2x1.5 inch as I have not gotten around to tweaking my stepper drivers to actual dimension output.

here are a picture of settings and output.

Increase the Min Power setting and see if that helps - That’s the power used when it slows down for corners. Depending on the diode you have, it may not fire that low.

Thank you Oz,
I have changed settings on min power to 10-20-40% with no functional change in the missing fill or the closing of the line.
Here is output.

Try 100% just to see what happens. It’s possible that your laser doesn’t like PWM output. Also try not scanning at 45 degrees to start with. The hardware doesn’t support that, so it’s ‘emulated’ with simple drawing commands.

I didnt know how you manage the fill.
Here is last one I can do tonight as I have appointment in town tonight.

That’s much more promising - When horizontally or vertically scanning the hardware handles overscan. It starts off the shape, speeds up, then fires the laser at your specified power level when it gets to the start of the shape. For angled scans or normal drawing commands, it starts on the start of the line, not off to the side, and ramps the power from Min to Max as it gets up to speed. If Min is too low, it might not fire at all.

You didn’t specify what kind of diode or how it’s wired, whether it supports PWM, TTL, or analog, etc, etc, so without a bit more info it’s hard to say where the problem might be.

Many thanks.
I dont think I would have considered the Min/Max issue because when I was running lasercad on awc708 it just sucked and I never had to deal with that particular type of problem.
Here is a pict of a solution in my case at least.
I believe that solves this issue.
I am running a Banggood 5.5w diode w/ttl through an AWC 708 here with scrap bin Cedar plank as the material. Final in this case is about 5/8" height.

Now on to making sure I can import well from dxf and I am sure you will have me as a loyal supporter.

God bless,


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