Setup-Lightburn automatic laser detection not finding laser

Hi everyone, Im having a bit of trouble getting my 50w fiber laser to work with Lightburn. Currently the laser works fine with EZCad. During the initial laser set up process in Lightburn where it has the automatic laser detection option nothing comes up. It loads for a couple seconds and stays blank. I have the driver raw file for the laser and its also currently installed on the computer. Any ideas how to get the laser to be detected by Lightburn? Thank you guys!

Due you have a laser with Ruida controller I presume you have a permanent Lightburn licence for DSP controller (and GRBL of course). Unfortunately the Ezcad driven laser needs a galvo licence.
I suggest to write an email to support for another trial period for galvo to test the ezcad device.

Remark EZCad2 driven devices will work, EZCad3 will not at the moment.

Hello, thank you for the reply. My trial period is currently active on my Lightburn Software and my laser is currently using EZcad 2.14.10. I just cannot get the Lightburn software to recognize my laser. is there any extra software I need to install?

The drivers between the two are incompatible on Windows…

There are a few videos out there this one works… There is one using different drivers, but I don’t follow windows stuff…

Cut cars with this? Kind of potent… :thinking:

Good luck


I figured it out ladies and gents thank you for the prompt help. What I did was add the laser manually in LightBurn. Even though the automatic laser detection did not find it, after adding it manually the software found the port where it was connected automatically and it’s working fine. & @jkwilborn I got the 300w with a work area of 1200x1200mm so I wouldn’t have to upgrade, ever. Hahah

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