SH-G570 Chinese laser machine

Why did you upgrade?

The problems you’re having relate to not only the controller but how your machine and limit switches are set up. I’m trying to work with an incomplete picture.

A number of values look off to me, but without more knowledge I’m can’t really say. You can change stuff by rolling the mouse wheel if it’s on that field.


no i didnt upgrade sorry the ones on the bottom are what i had on my phone but the top one is the one i have

When u said u wasn’t sure which board I had I took a picture if that’s the bit you was on about

Three pictures… OK, you have the KT and you didn’t change it out.

There are a few numbers I am suspicious about.

It may be advantageous for you to contact the seller or manufacturer to get the proper values. If you only knowingly changed the x and y directions that shouldn’t cause the noise.

If the Ruida fails to home, it will show the axes at the 30,000 value. If the machine is going the wrong way, you can press ‘esc’ on the controller console to stop it.

We need to make it home where it originally did, rear right, yes?
The ‘home’ switches are turned off, in your capture, those would have been more difficult to change.

Enable Y’s homing also.
What’s the result of these three changes?
Do they go in the proper direction?


I’ll give it ago tomorrow and get back to you on the homing

set the two things you suggested seems to of sorted it
now i have to set the point on the laser
thankyou for helping me to get sorted

No perspiration… We all need some guidance now and then, take care.

Good luck, have fun :slight_smile:

Might want to mark this as solved, if that’s the case.


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