Shade According to Power Not Working

On a project that I am working on, I have set different shapes to fill with different power settings. When select preview, with “shade according to power settings” turned on, they all come out the same level of black in the preview.

One shape: Speed = 75/Power = 90. Preview = black
Second Shape: Speed = 150/Power = 15 (I also tried with 5, 25, and 35% power). Preview = same shade of black.
Shade According to Power = On.
Min Power = 5%

I haven’t connected to my machine yet as I don’t want this to be the outcome on my work piece. I need to be able to see the difference before I connect. Any help would be appreciated.

For the benefit of others who won’t see the private response:

That setting is only useful when using grayscale or power scale in the software. I could make it shade based on power value, but that won’t give you the whole picture - If you ran two cuts run at 50% power, but one was half the speed of the other, the slower one will cut deeper. Because of this, there’s far too much range to have the system shade in any reasonable way.

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