Shake (wave in corner)


I recently receive my Atomstack A5 M40.
I doing some test on blank paper.

My problem is that i have some “wave” in the corner (please see the attached image).

Can someone have an idea ?

Cut parameters 60% / speed 16mm


Sorry and know this an old post but I hope it might help.

I found with my AtomStack A5 30W the Y axis can be a bit wobbly. That is to say that when it makes abrupt change in direction from the Y axis to the X axis, it wobbles for a short time while it starts moving in the X axis. The metal and the frame are stiffer in the X axis then it is in the Y axis so it wobbles for a short distance.

I’ve tried to tighten the wheels on the X axis to try stopping the Y axis wobble but haven’t had any success yet. I am looking at solutions to this issue for my system and will definitely reply back if I find one.