Shape deformed, plz help!

I thought it was a backlash problem, but the Hide backlash function is also not working properly.
With the cross-hatch function, I notice that the boundaries of the results are blurred and I am studying hard, but I still cannot fix it.
There is no big problem without using the cross-hatch function, but I want to use this great technology.
I used Vector and printed the correct cross and the correct circular model.

@LightBurn help me plz… :sob:

Hide Backlash only makes sure that the start and end points of your shapes connect. They do, so it’s working.

Hide backlash does not fix the underlying issue, which is purely mechanical. You have a loose belt, loose motor pinion, or something else that is causing the laser not to change direction immediately when the motors do. Make sure the belts connecting the laser to the motors are snug (not too tight, but not loose), and make sure that set screws holding the pinions to the stepper motors are tight and can’t move. Those are the two most common causes.

I am using a machine called Neje master2.
I think we are maintaining the proper level for belts and screws.
Maybe it’s a Neje flaw.
Maybe it’s better to find out another model.
Thank you so much for your reply.
Can I know the product or company that is optimized for Lightburn?

@NEJE_Laser I use neje master2, but I am looking for hardware that fully supports light burn.
Then I heard that your comment supports 100% Lightburn.
Is that the story of only Master2s with a new chipset?

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