Shape dimentions - 0.9.21

Hi, Please check the scale of these black and red rectangles. they are both 25x90mm in size and yet - the red rectangle dimensions shown in the shape properties window are doubled. Am i missing something?

SCALE4OZ.lbrn (6.8 KB)

That’s odd. I loaded your project and see the same thing. If I scale the one broken shape, the properties stays 2x. I deleted it and redrew it and things were back to normal. Will be interesting if Oz or someone can figure out how you got there.

What steps did you take to get the two rectangles?

In the process of trying to reproduce this I think I am onto something here. it appears that if i group two objects, copy paste it than ungroup the copy and rescale it - i get this mismatch. if this is consistent i will post the steps to reproduce this here.

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