Shape object versus a path

This may have been answered before but I could not find it. What is the advantage of having a circle or rectangle as an object versus a path? In my work flow I am always using the Edit/Convert to Path on rectangles and circles I just created, since that is the only way to use the node editor on them.

So my question is why does the software not just create those shapes as paths to begin with. I don’t think I have ever seen any advantage to having a shape as an object. Or wished a path was converted back to an object.

For circles there’s not much benefit (other than being smaller and more accurate to store). Rectangles can have rounded corners applied in the Shape Properties window, and the corner radius property is used to rebuild the path version when you change the shape, so you can do things like this:


Notice that the radiused corners didn’t stretch or change size?

And with a quick edit, I have internal radiused corners (made the radius negative):

I forgot about the radius in the property values. Is that redundant with the new radius tool now? And the radius tool only works on paths right?

It’s not redundant, because a radiused corner is baked immediately into the geometry, and will be scaled / stretched if the shape is scaled, unlike the corner radius property on rectangles.

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