Shape properties, aka power settings per selection

I had tried this previously and failed, but befuddlement reigned supreme and it became a back-burner project. More recently, the fog was less intense and a test piece confirmed the problem is real.

Here’s a picture:

The top image is using the shape properties with the right most line (65%) set to 100% in the appropriate location. Each succeeding line to the left has the math applied to represent the engraved power setting. That is, for example, the selected 40% line is really 40/65 = 61% in the properties box.


The lower image is a layer-by-layer configuration for the same concept:

Obviously, the shape properties method is the best way, but the results don’t hold out on the test piece:

The above image is not particularly illuminating, other than to show that the wood is really sappy! The paper masking is in place because I use masking on both sides of the wood to reduce post-processing for simple stuff. I wanted power levels to match my working environment.

Here’s the flip side, with the higher power settings to the left. The bottom one is the layer-by-layer process, while the top piece is the shape properties method implementation.

Is there a setting I’m missing? I’ve only changed the percentage for each selection as I created the file.

depth of cut test piece.lbrn (30.5 KB)

Your Min Power and Max Power values are the same. Power Scale ramps from Min to Max power, like grayscale does, so LightBurn is doing exactly as you’ve asking, ramping from 65% to 65%, which isn’t terribly useful. :slight_smile:

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That’s a wonderfully simple solution!