Shape properties dimension does not match actual shape dimension

We have created a 3"x1" rectangle and want to put a 1/8" radius on the corners. When I select the shape properties for this 3"x1" shape it is reporting that the width is 4.4882 and height is 1.323. It should show 3x1… if I adjust the shape properties to 3x1 the dimensions of the shape above shrinks. I cannot get these to match and thus cannot get the proper corner radius. Anyone have any ideas?

Which version of LightBurn are you using, and did you import the rectangle, or create it in LightBurn?

With older versions of LightBurn, before 0.9.03, the scale applied when you drag-scale an object isn’t pushed back into the shape itself, but kept as a scale to be applied to the base object.

So, if you created a rectangle that was 20 x 20 when you first made it, then dragged it to 40 x 40, you actually still have a 20 x 20 rectangle as the base shape, being scaled 200%. If you put a corner radius on that, it would scale too.

In the newest versions of LightBurn (0.9.03 & 04) I finally worked out the math to push the scales back into the shape, so the width & height will change as you drag-scale the shape, as long as it’s possible to do this, and the radius will be correct.

Thanks for your reply, I’m not sure this is the same as the issue I’m reporting.

The shape dimensions in the toolbar is 3" by 1" but if you select that same shape and look at the shape properties dialog its not 3 x 1 - shouldnt these be exactly the same?

I created the shape in lightburn and I just updated from .8 something to .9 .04 - the issue persists from the older to newer version

Create the shape again in the new version, or drag a corner to trigger the code that pushes the size back into the shape.

The size on the upper toolbar is the computed size of the bounds of the geometry. The width and height shown in the Shape Properties window are the properties of the underlying rectangle. To give you an example of why they might not match:

Here I’ve drawn a rectangle 40x40mm. The size shown on the upper toolbar and the size shown in the shape properties are the same.

After rotating it 45 degrees, I see this:

The size of the underlying rectangle is still 40x40, but the width and height relative to my page are now different. It gets worse when you do something like this:

What “Width” or “Height” should I show here for the underlying rectangle when it’s been scaled so it’s not a rectangle any more? The new version of LightBurn deals with this as gracefully as it can, but for this case, there is no longer a “right” answer.

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