Shape properties does not work

I’ve had lightburn for a little while and now finding time to try to use it. For what ever reason when I bring a photo in and try to edit gamma,brightness etc I can’t. Shape properties is checked, I click on photo but nothing gives me options to change these settings. I’ve tried different formats of photos but still nothing. Can someone please help. Thanks… 100 watt laser,
rudia controller

What version of LightBurn and on what OS? Have you seen this? Searching “shape properties”, this was the first link returned.

4th response in thread provided this:


Rick, I have a 100 watt with rudia controller. I did the search and came up with the same. I did as said after bringing photo in I clicked on photo but still nothing. I’m more mechanical than computer so all this is still fairly foreign to me. Thanks for the reply

We can help. You can find out what version of LightBurn you are running by selecting ‘Help’=>‘Quick Help and Notes’ and then the ‘About’ tab.

Please provide a full screen capture of LightBurn with the image selected (click anywhere on image) showing both the ‘Cut’ and the ‘Shape Properties’ windows. This will allow us to “see” what you are and offer more guidance.