Shape properties doesn't display width and height imported circles

Strange, when I import a design either from DXF AI or SVG, what I have tried so far, that has circles in it, shape properties only show Cut order and power scale. They are circles best I can tell and can edit them from top width height tabs no problem. If I create a circle and place in same drawing, then shape properties allows me to edit width and height from shape edit for created circle.
My imported design has many circles in it I want to change size as a group instead of having to edit each one.

Did a little more checking and it appears all imported items only show cut layer and power in shape properties. Does not work on anything but things created in lightburn.

Is this an import setting or an error?
Using 1.0.03

Thanks, that would work I guess, might be a little faster then changing each seperate.

Wonder if a person brought that file into another cad software and if possible change all circles to ellipse.

Will have to look into that.

If the shapes are actual circles (or ellipses) in the original SVG file, they should remain circles in LightBurn.

If the circles are just paths drawn with splines or arcs, and they just happen to be circular, they’re still just paths, and won’t have the width / height values associated.

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