Shape Properties Power setting not working in Mac version

Newbie here. I have a Redsail X900 with a Ruida controller and have been using the Windows version. I created a test grid like in the tutorial using the Shape Properties to control the power to save layer use. When I created the file in Windows, the Preview shows a grayscale pattern as one would expect and it did exactly that on the test material. I prefer to use my Mac and therefore decided to try that version and it didn’t work.

I did two tests. First I just used the .lbn file I created in Windows and opened it in the Mac version. The Preview just showed a solid black rectangle, no grayscale and it burned right thru my test material. Second I tried creating the file from scratch in the Mac version and I got the same thing.

Any ideas?

  • Are both computers running the same version of the software?
  • Are both computers connected to the machine in the same way?
  • Do you have “Shade according to power” enabled on the Mac preview screen?

The code that generates and sends the data to the controller is the same on both versions, and I did the initial power scale testing with my MacBook, so I’ve used that feature on the Mac before - there should be no difference.

Both the Mac and Windows versions are 0.9.03. I didn’t have the “Shade according to power” enabled on the Mac and do now and have the Preview working as it should. However I thought of something else after I went back and looked at the first pass of the test pattern that I thought did work and it looks like the same result as the second test meaning that all columns look like they are at 100% power. So my question is this, does the shape properties work independently of the Min/Max power setting in the cuts tab? If I use the Shape Properties to adjust the power like in the tutorial, do I need to have the Max set to 100% and Min set to 0 in order to get the desired result? or does having it set to max 100 min 100 still work if in the shape properties each square is in increments of 5% from 10 to 90?

Power Scale outputs a value from Min to Max, based on the percentage. So if the Power Scale is set to 0, you get Min Power as the output. If it’s set to 50%, you’ll get halfway between Min Power and Max Power. If it’s set to 100%, you get Max Power.

If you set Min and Max to the same value, you’ll always get the same output, regardless of the Power Scale setting. It works the same as using a grayscale image - in that case, the image brightness is what chooses the output power, but it’s still a number between Min and Max power.

Thank you. Problem solved!

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