☀️Shaper Origin CNC Router... WHO Owns one?

Anyone have this tool? Curious on your thoughts.

Looks impressive



I have seen it and looks cool but have a cnc so other then it is cool don’t need it.

What attracts me to it is it’s mobility which allows to router items which are too bulky to bring and place on. A CNC router like a existing desk or table you want to inlay with a pattern. Can’t do that with a traditional CNC Router table and tearing down the work piece so that it can fit on the table is not practical.

I know they are preety cool and you can do alot of different things with them but i am like you who has one that can say how good it works.

Like everything that is new technology it’s going to be expensive in the beginning but I am sure that as time passes others will come on the market and lower the cost. Who knows I can even see China :cn: Want a piece of this new emerging portable CNC market… but if the :us: vs. :cn: trade war continues the end of the affordable Chinese imports might not be too far fetched as a result of the astronomical tariffs they may impose to protect US made goods.

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I think it is a perfect tool for exactly the scenarios you describe: limited space or wanting to work on a large dimensional item. For the most basic of cutting out / end mill work I think it might work well. I remember seeing this tool on Ask This Old House a couple of years ago. It may not do this, but every tool has its purpose:

Thank you for sharing @HalfNormal. Very impressive example of what this tool can can achieve.

Here is a consumable that’s not too expensive but reminds me of the inkjet cartridge racket the only difference is the tool is not $19.99 but $2,500.00

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