Shapes not where they should be. (newbie!)

So, I’m new to this laser stuff and am a little lacking in the terminology department so apologies if this has already been discussed in the forum but I’m not sure on the correct way of defining the issue so am having trouble searching for a solution to it.

Basically, I’ve produced test patterns for assessing power vs speed which are fine, but as I was looking at them, I noticed that all of the test blocks on the pattern are offset (slightly below) the position I created them in. Please see the image below. You should notice the blocks on the cut wood are positioned lower compared to the letter T its next to vs the original design in Lightburn. Anyone got any ideas why that might be?

I’m using Lightburn 0.8.07 and a red and black Chinese 100w(ish) laser with a Ruida RDC6442S-B(EC) controller connected via USB on firmware V8.01.57

Any help would be appreciated.

Please post your file for review. What does the project look like in ‘Preview’ window? Post screen cap of that as well please.

Ok so maybe me being stupid here. Was about to post the file then realised I’d omitted part of my current setup. I have Lightburn on my mac which is showing the image above and Lightburn on a laptop (Win10) connected to the actual laser.

Seems somehow on saving the file i created on my mac and the opening it again in Lightburn on the laptop, I’ve somehow managed to shift all the boxes slightly. Not sure how though yet as they are setup across different layers so will need to investigate that further.

My bad.

What’s most likely happening is that the text shifted, not the boxes. Fonts are often different between Mac and PC, even if they’re called the same thing. If you’re going to move files containing text between OS’s, either make sure both are using the exact same font (same ttf or otf file installed) or convert the text objects to paths before sending to the other machine.

Ah ok. makes sense! thanks for the clarification