Share camera from laptop to desktop


I have my laser in the garage, and uses a Surface laptop to control it.
I’m always near the laser when I’m cutting…
Have a Logitech webcam C922-pro connected to the Laptop.
But I do most of my drawing in my office in the house, since it’s more convient.
Can I access the camera from my desktop in the office, using lightburn ?
Have tried with “USB Network Gate”, and it works fine, but is way too pricy.
Maybe a solution where the camera is connected to a Raspberry Pie, working as a webcam server,
but the easiest thing would be, if it could work fram the laptop to the desktop.
Any neat ideas ?

Regards, Kim

Found this:
With that, you can attach a webcam to a $50 Raspberry Pi, and share it between several machines.
AND it works in Lightburn :slight_smile:
Solved my problem so far…


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