Shift diagonally

hello members
can someone help me, I want rectangle 2 to be 5 mm closer to rectangle 1 in the same line.
What is the best way to do this so that they stay in the same line?
would like to hear
greetings Ronald

I’ve thought through a few different ways of handling this. The most straightforward may be:

  1. Rotate the entire design such that 1 and 2 are now horizontally (or vertically) aligned.
  2. Select 2
  3. In numeric edits X-position do current position - 5 mm.
  4. Rotate design back

There are several strategies to rotate the design. Here’s a fairly easy one:

  1. Select entire design
  2. Switch to Edit Nodes tool
  3. Hover mouse over bottom or top edge of 1 or 2
  4. Push A on keyboard

thanks for the reply
I’m going to work on this
greetings Ronald

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