Shift Key Not Working

Holding the shift key while trying to make perfect circle or square doesn’t produce either. Will make holding left click on laptop.

What result do you get when holding the shift key while dragging out the shape? Please show us. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I can’t show you because I get absolutely nothing. I click on the circle(square), hold the shift key, drag the cursor and nothing shows up. I am able to make an ellipse or rectangle not using the shift key.

Which version of LightBurn running on which OS and version?

LB Ver 1,4,01, Windows 10

Just to be on the safe side (and not be totally embarrassed) I tried my shift key in other programs and while not graphic programs, it worked.

If you start creating a rectangle without shift depressed but with the mouse still clicked, and then later add shift key press, does it force the rectangle square?

Are you using left or right shift?

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I honestly hadn’t thought of that but will try it right now!! Thanks for the suggestion.

A little awkward but it worked!!! You have to keep holding the left bar (laptop) down and hit shift before you let go. I’ll take it!!! Thanks so much for the help. Maybe eventually I’ll figure out the other but close enough!!

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A mouse with a scroll-wheel is a powerful accessory. I’d consider it essential for several features.

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