Shifting layer by nearly an inch

There seem to be a problem with the software. At first I thought it was motor skipping steps but I always do a pulse at the start of my job and at the end to see if it skipped and it’s absolutely perfect. Also the behavior is erratic. If I save the job on the ruida controller and run it from there it’s fine. But when hitting start the moment it starts a line layer it’s shifted 3/4 to 1” lower. Sometimes it’s between fill layers. It makes no sense. The app is hooked by usb to the controller.

Do you keep a lot of files in the controller? They can get weird when close to full.

You can also try switching from ‘USB/Serial’ to ‘Packet/USB’ mode, which seems to be more reliable on some systems (it’s how the stock RDWorks software talks to the controller). You’d set that by clicking ‘Devices’, then double-clicking your laser in the list. Click Next, then choose ‘Packet/USB’, then click Next until you get to the end.

Will try that! Thanks!

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