Shifting Origin when repeating burn. X axis only

Good morning! I have searched the forums and cannot seem to find any answers related to this. Hoping someone might can help.

Using Lightburn, if i run a job my steps are fine. Once i finish the job, if a need to repeat it or make a second pass (say the cut wasnt quite deep enough) my print shifts slightly to the left. (Maybe 40 thousandth.) After much frustration, I opened Lazerbox, and ran a few test in it. I could burn the same path multiple times with no shifting.

Any clues?

Maybe try to recalibrate your steps/mm. If the steps/mm are the reason, it should get worse the more travel distance you are moving in that specific axis. :smiley:
Hope i could help

We have recalibrated the axis. I did notice last night that sometimes I had a slight shift if I set the origin and then hit go to origin. As long as i did that everything would line up fine for a second pass. :upside_down_face:

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