Shortcut/Hotkey for "move laser to..."

Does a hotkey combo exist or is it possible (for the user) to create a hotkey combination for “move laser to selection center/upper right/lower left” etc." rather than having to always use to toolbar cross hair icon and scrolling down to desired selection? Thanks

Nothing defined by default, but File → Edit Hotkeys will let your fingers dance on the keyboard … :grin:

I found the edit hotkey menu, and was able to search for the “move laser to” commands…I entered F13 as the hotkey and got the response “F13 uses an unmodified character key” and then options to “Export” or “Import”. not sure what those mean…

Actually just kept trying different combinations and found one that worked…thank you :slight_smile:

I think it has to be a modified key, such as ctrl + F13 or alt + F13…

I know all of these are not just normal single keys… I don’t even have an F13 on my keyboard. It only goes to F12.


When a mere 12 function keys aren’t enough:

IBM Model M

Various Model M keyboards were typically found on IBM PCs used as mainframe terminals, replacing dedicated hardware terminals.

They had buckling spring mechanical keys that felt better than any keyboard made before or since, but …

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