Shorten time to run

In Preview, this will take over one hour to run. How can I speed up?

This video is super helpful.

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I would suggest you have the DPI set way too high. Have you done tests on your selected material to see what DPI you get the best results with? There are lots of videos on YouTube demonstrating best [practices for doing this sort of image. Lightburn’s is one:

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Can you make a dot from you laser that is less then 0.07mm? If not your interval may be too small… It’s also nice for us to know what material you are attempting to use. Some material you can’t expect anything below 0.10…

The Lightburn videos are always good.

The best video for setting your interval or dpi/lpi is this one from Laser Everything… If you haven’t watched it, you should…

Good luck


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I think I will have to start over. I cropped and flattened the image so the image is no longer there? I will be checking out the videos in this post.

Learned how to crop, mask, flatten image. I did this in Halftone Angle 22.5.

A question, I made the image settings in cut settings editor 45 (I have no idea why)

In Preview it showed 21:31 minutes to run. It took about an hour?

You want to engrave most of the job with your quickest axes… Generally the X axes is the quicker of the two…

You might find it quicker to change the scan angle to 0 deg… check it with preview…

Make sure you go to the devices settings → Additional settings and read your controllers information before the preview… it uses this information for elapsed time.

Looks great… :+1:


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I don’t understand “X” “Y” axes?
And where are my Device Settings?

How fast a machine can move is really based on physics… A heavy item or more mass takes more energy to be able to accelerate it to speed than one with less mass.

The X axes, usually has only the mass of the head and some from the drag chain, since all this has to move when the machine is operating.

The Y axes, usually carries the X axes mass plus it’s own gantry and drag chain. With the same motors and power supply, the Y axes can’t be accelerated as quickly, so it’s the slower axes…

Make sense?


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Edit → Device Settings gets you there.

You may also want Edit → Machine Settings for gritty hardware configuration, although tweaking those settings, particularly in a shared Makerspace laser, is likely a Bad Idea™.

OMG, you sound like my brother. He will explain in detail what I need to do. Followed by “Now what are you going to do?”

Me. I don’t know. I never made it through algebra. It took him awhile, but he now gets it! His sister is stupid…but he keeps trying!

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