Shrinking file from light burn to laser

For some reason my files are all of a sudden shrinking. The size in lightburn is not what it is being cut as. The same files I have cut a bunch of times. Any idea why this could be happening?

for example. I cut an L last time and it was right. I cut the same L today. It was supposed to be .62 wide by 2.17 High and it is 2 high by .5 wide in inches. Please help!

----I just did another test with a square. It was supposed to be 2x1 and it was 1 7/8 by 7/8. :frowning:

I create my file on the computer and then save on flash dish and insert into laser if that helps
ruida controller black and red 80watt laser.

It sounds like a calibration issue, but I’m not sure what would have changed that if you didn’t do a recalibration yourself. Has your laser been moved since the last time you ran it? Any loose belts? Any physical crashes recently? Does your machine re zero/home each time its powered up?

Thank you. Yes it will zero. no crashes. belts seem good. my laser has not been moved.

Do you have “Print & Cut” mode active by chance?

So I figured it out after many hours. I had enabled my rotary after I disabled it it went back to normal. That was the first time I had ever used the rotary. Thank you for your help everyone.

That’s odd - The rotary setting should only affect the Y axis scaling. Since you were off on both, it didn’t occur to me that could be the cause.

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