SHX fonts and path-to-text

Hi all,
I’m having trouble applying a path to some SHX font text. When applying the same text to a circular path, it behaves as expected.
When I apply the same path, but in an SHX font, to the same circle, the text is mirrored on the inside of the circle.
I’ve tried rotating, reflecting, but none of it works. It seems to be a problem specifically with SHX and the path-to-text function.
Any ideas on what I can do to get this to work? Or do we need a fix?

Thank you for reporting this, I can reproduce here using 9.24 and (9.25 beta) running on Mac. Investigating and will offer back when we have further.

For a simple circle shape, you can create the same text shape using the ‘Curve Text’ feature discussed here: Redirecting...

Thanks Ricky! At least reassuring to know I wasn’t doing it wrong! :grin:

@ThatConor Thanks for pointing this out to us!
I’ve isolated and fixed the issue. It will be good to go for the next release.
Sorry about that.

No apology needed! Thanks for the quick fix :grin: it hasn’t impacted my project, I just found another way, so no harm done :blush: (and nobody else has noticed yet :face_with_hand_over_mouth::shushing_face:)

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