@ Sign in Lightburn

Before I buy the software, do I need to know how to get the @ sign in the Mac version?
I think copying and pasting is very cumbersome. And the key combination alt L is set for position laser.
thank you for your help

For my question to the dev team, which Mac os are you using?

Are you entering the @ from the keyboard into the Create/Edit Text function or the Edit Test Shape box?

I know there are new features in testing, pending release that may address this. I will confirm.

I click the Text tool icon (the A on the left side toolbar), click to place the cursor, then press Shift + 2 on my keyboard to produce the @ sign. Does that not work for you?

Is this a question? Yes, you are correct, that Alt+L is the key sequence to enter Position Laser mode (because Ctrl+L is for Line mode).

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