Signature block for users?

Is there a setting where I can change or should I say, ADD a signature block to all my posts?
I would put things (standard, name etc)
But would like to be able to add a device or personal information to the signature. on all my posts.

If you click on a person’s name, or avitar you get popup with that information.

It was only a thought, I knew about the ‘click-on’ but thought if you could change the signature block then you could add additional information. I do in some other groups.
No matter, as I say, it was just a thought.
As it stands then we have to add signatures individually to each email.

We do not provide a user signature block. They are often never updated and folks like to use them for personal messaging and in most cases, add little value to the intent of the forum. We offer other ways to provide regularly needed information without chewing up screen real estate with every post. :slight_smile:


OK, Thanks, Rick.