Silhouette Cameo business ed. to lightburn

I am trying to import silhouette studio design to lightburn. I save to harddrive as svg file, but it says it will only do dotted lines. Can someone explain how to get a solid line from these files? I’ve tried tracing it in lightburn, but it won’t let me trace. Is there anyone who used silhouette to lightburn that can shed light on this? I’ve searched discussions here but don’t see this problem.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Jan,

Could you post an example of an SVG exported from Silhouette software?

Are you trying to export files purchased from Silhouette Design Store? If so, you would get a message indicating that those portions of the design will be exported as dotted line segments. That’s a function of Silhouette Studio and the Design Store, not a function of LightBurn import.

This is what it looks like in LB…I hope it comes through for you to see…


When I save a studio file to my hard drive as svg file from Silhouette Studio and then I try to import the .svg into LightBurn, I receive ’ error occured while parsing element - on line 1, column 1’. I suspect you can only save the files from SS as .studio3, .studio, or .gsp…

What version of silhouette studio are you using?

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And i get this message when saving in silhouette studio…


I have the business edition which allows you to save as svg and/or png, etc. and the latest version (not sure the number)

Try creating new shapes in Studio (ie content not from Design Store) and exporting to SVG. Does it import fully intact? If so, it’s the export restrictions that’s the root cause.

That makes sense. Let me try creating my own as you suggested. Hold on…

THAT was it!!! Thank you so much for solving this for me! It never occurred to me it might be a licensing issue. Now I know. Thank you, berainlb!!

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