Simple laser bed idea

Hey, new inexperienced user here. While waiting for my Ortur 2 to arrive, I searched multiple times for lazer beds designed for it, hacked for it, or that I could make work for it. I really couldn’t find much at all. So, I brainstormed, and decided to try a clear glass cutting board.

Yup, the kind your mom has on the counter, with the texture on the underside. Like this: High Load | Bed Bath and Beyond

Well, I’m here to report it works surprisingly well! Any extra power that causes the laser to shine through the cuts are diffused and come out the under-side as a soft blue glow. Just wipe off the ashes from your last project, and lay another down. The glass is a level surface, and as far as I can tell, won’t need replacing.

I’m sorry if this is the wrong forum for this idea, but I wanted to share this with anyone who might be getting tired of burning into and replacing their work surface. :slight_smile:

Nice one :+1:
Off to check out the kitchen :grin:

I use a large white tile i had laying around, works great but was considering a steel mesh grill, does anyone have experience in this