Simple square will not recognize fill on cut/layer

Macbook Air (Monterey) I use the square tool, assign a layer, click on fill and it doesn’t fill. Only keeps the line. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

It’s probably not a ‘closed’ object.

Click on the background to uun select everything… ‘Edit → Select open shapes’

This will select any open shapes… It should be closed since you used the tool.

Post the .lbrn2 offending file for us to examine…

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It may also be possible that it is actually filled but doesn’t appear so in-screen because the default view in LightBurn is Wireframe.

You can change this to show Filled object layers as filled by changing the view style from the Window menu.

Thank for your help I changed the window to filled/smooth and it worked. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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