Simple way of indexing the Rotary to a specific position when configured using the Z-Axis

A little background to what i am doing; I have been engraving the painted stainless water bottles for a small local gym i go to. I have already engraved the Logo on a bunch of them and then we add the name as new people join (also i tag the location and result of obstacle course races our members finish - tough mudders, spartan race etc.)
When i had a 2-axis board, I used to use the Y-axis for my rotary which worked perfect at the time to locate the half completed water bottle on the rotary so i could burn the name directly opposite the logo. I could just go to lets say X=95mm, Y=88mm or use the move to tool and then i could position the rotary and mug so the laser dot was right in the middle of that circle in the screenshot.
Now I have a 3-axis board for the laser and I have the laser configured to use the Z-axis. It works great for start to finish projects but i am having trouble finding a way to use the move laser to location button as it still moves the x and y axis even when the “enable rotary” option is selected. Is there anyone who has found a quick way to index their rotary like this when using the Z-axis?

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