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Hey Maker. I vaguely remember watching a tutorial on how to quickly simplify nodes but I can’t find anything on this now that I’m searching for it. For example, I currently have a rainbow ray with hundreds of little nodes in it. Is there a way to efficiently simplify them without having to individually delete each one? Any help and/or direction is greatly appreciated!


I have tinkered with this feature too, but I don’t quite understand the purpose for reducing the number of nodes.

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New to lightburn, however as I understand it the laser will move from node to node. As the example above that would 1006 “stops” as opposed to 95 nodes. I have a traced brim of a hat and there are thousands possibly 10’s or hundreds of thousands of notes around 1 curve of the brim. Potentially that would create a jagged cut line whereas if there were a few nodes the line would be clean and smooth. I need to check out optimization to see if that will help with my issue.

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If the source shape contains curves, you’ll need to enable the “Smooth source shapes” option as well. The current optimizer only fits existing straight line segments to arcs or longer lines. The Smoothing option adds new points, smooths it all, then runs the other two.

We’re working on a “re-fit” to new curves, which may even replace this dialog, but it’s not ready yet.


With the image above and optimizer, I get the same effect, nodes reduced, however, when I select OK the reduced node image closed and the resulting image has the same “thousands” on nodes. How do I get that reduced node image to work on?

  1. I am left with the “thousands” node image and I select 1 node, shows red, and press delete. The entire node trail is deleted. I am left with a single red circle where that selected node was. Can’t figure out how to select 1 node and make changes to that single node. When I select a single node I do see all nodes highlided (blue) and I realize the delete action will delete all nodes.

You can delete one node by selecting it and pressing d on the keyboard. Delete deletes the whole line. If you hover your mouse over a line section not a node and press T it will break the line at the two closest nodes. You can insert a node on a line by hovering your mouse over a line and pressing i. I’m sure there are more hotkeys that I don’t know about, but I also don’t use them (if they exist).

The “T & I” work as expected, however, the selecting 1 node turns that single node red (there are other red nodes in the line) and pressing delete on that single node deletes the entire array of nodes leaving a blank grid with 1 red dot on the grid. Ctrl z brings it all back but then I am at square one again with the node issue. Still can’t find a way to work with the Optimization result of 75 nodes rather than the original thousand’s node image.

Thank you for your help and explanation.

After doing an ‘Optimize nodes’, and clicking ‘Ok’, the result should be the reduced version. Can you post the file you’re working with (or email to support@lightburnsoftware if you don’t want it public).

You don’t press the delete key. You need to press press the letter D. It took me a while to get used to as well.

@Makingsomke. I understand the explanation about the D vs the delete key. Deleting a segment creates a problem in and of itself and one needs to recreate that segment of the object.

@Oz. The image I am using is not the reason for my question it is how LB works. Some aspects of LB are amazing to me. There are very few pieces of software that are worth the money. LB is well worth owning (and paying for). A huge thanks to all involved with the development.

I had and sold a K40 and used Inkscape. Working with nodes for my needs was an easy way to correct some parts of an object. I’m trying to learn/understand how to accomplish similar results in LB.

When an image is imported to LB after changing the image to where nodes are available can one isolate a single node (or a select group of nodes) and delete that node leaving a line connected between the two adjacent nodes? The thousands of nodes left in arcs (I guess is the term) is impossible to deal with. I think I have read that future release will deal with those nodes.

Thanks everyone for the help. Back to calibrating a new LB camera.

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If you hover over a node and press ‘D’ it will delete that single node. If you shift+click or drag select many nodes, then hit ‘D’, it will delete them all. If the path was connected, it will remain so, but the resulting connection line won’t make any attempt to represent what was there before.

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Thank you that helps a lot.

This is worth review, Node Editing - LightBurn Software Documentation

We are continuing to edit and add to this, the new documentation home of the Hot Keys listing: Hotkeys - LightBurn Software Documentation


You guys are the best. This was incredibly helpful! Thanks everyone. <3

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