Since last update Ovals cutting herkey jerkey

When cutting an oval the head moves like it does in " O Frame". Very Jerky.
Tested in RDworks to see if it was machine. Nope, cuts smooth.
Exported circle drawn in RDworks and imported to LB. Same jerkiness.

Any ideas? setting?

9.0 non beta

Same with newest Beta

I can’t think of anything that’s changed between the versions that would have this effect. Can you email me an RD file of a circle from RD, and another one with the same settings from LB? I can look to see if anything has changed.

I could but both cut smoothly on RD and not on LB. At least my installation.

Can you rephrase that? How could you “cut both smoothly” - are you saying if you ran the LB file from RD then it was smooth?

I drew one circle in LB and one in RD.
LB cut it like it was a segmented circle. Herkey Jerkey.
RD cut smoothly…continuous motion.

I exported then imported each circle to the other program and re tried.

Same results. LB was herkey jerkey. RD was smooth.

Today I went to duplicate the problem and send you the file…works just fine.

It wasn’t a poorly drawn circle. So logically I feel that it is the way LB is handling my circle or Could it be a setting that got changed? or perhaps my computer was doing something funny that day

Edit: Was able to Undo all the way back to the malfunction and found that the jeryk cut was using 400 speed. Tried in RD at 400. Cuts smooth at even 1000mm/s.

Would you try a 130 mm circle at high speed (1000)?

When using LB it sounds like one of the Axes is struggling to keep up. Are machine settings loaded when LB starts or are they set? Would RD load its settings to machine?

So I drew straight various length lines, short and long left and right. No lag or jerking.

I have some more info. Will post separate in case you finished reading this and don’t get updates.

So I drew a large circle and it cut jerky.

I did a Break Apart and cut with Cut Optimized on using Reduce travel moves. It runs perfectly smooth! So I have to believe it is the way LB is handling the circle.

If you can make two identical circles, with identical settings, one in RDWorks and one in LightBurn, where the RD one is smooth and the LB one isn’t, send me the result of using the “Save RD File” button from each program and I can look at them for differences.

The circle in RD cuts well in RD not in LB.
In LB the circle cuts smooth only if broken apart 1st.
The effect seems unnoticeable at lower speeds but I think LB is sending different code for a whole circle rather than 4 x 1/4 circles.
Please try a 300mm circle at 400mm/sec on a Ruida. Then, break it apart and try again. Do you get the same result? Two Circles.lbrn (3.2 KB)

Did you happen to try? No worries if you didn’t. I can break apart all my objects and have Optimize take care of the issue.

I’m traveling for an expo and not back for a little bit. I’ve also asked two or three times for you to send me the generated RD files so I can compare them, but … ?

I suspect it might be that my subdivision threshold it either higher or lower than theirs. Using break-apart followed by reduce travel moves should be producing identical output to the original version. I can’t see why that would be different. Also, what’s the firmware speed limit in your machine? Can you reasonably (practically) use 1000mm/sec? (not an accusation or anything, just curious)

Clarity is obviously not my forte. Sorry.

Any unbroken oval in LB is cutting jerky.
I only used RD to see if it was my machine that was acting up. It was not the machine.

Jerky cutting is specific to LB regardless of whether the oval was made in LB or RDworks.
RD cuts any oval smoothly.

As of today I cannot duplicate the error. Must have been a setting? perhaps in one of the layers I was using? Offset?

The problem was how LB was handling the continuous oval vs the segmented one. Whether it was drawn in LB or RD didn’t make a difference.

As far as the speed setting. I was using 400mm/sec 1000 did the same but I don’t use 1000.
I DO use 400 especially if I have a 1.5 in lens on and want to cut cardboard cleanly for example. I just do it several times real fast at lower power…minimal charring. Not really necessary as I do have 180 watts available and medium speed is sufficient. Just found a bug and was attempting to report it.

So instead of finding the cause while trying to duplicate the problem I did find today that the maximum speed setting that resulted in higher speed was 922. 923 and up caused the machine to slow down. Don’t ask for file as I cannot duplicate the problem…AGAIN! But I did work my way up to that number over many trials when I found that 1000 was slow.

Oh, additionally, I cannot get LB to cut a continuous circle if it is segmented by using any combination of optimizations. Don’t know what happened there either.

I never quit though, so you will probably hear back from me on this. Not trying to find bugs but when they happen I will get in touch. I imagine you want to know when something is amok but I’ll try to get more scientific about it.

I wasn’t interested in where the oval was made - I was interested in what the result of sending an RD file was, generated at the same size and with the same settings, from each piece of software. How they form or export a circle is irrelevant. How they convert that circle into instructions to be sent to the machine is paramount, and that’s what I was looking for, and still am.

I could do it here, on my own hardware, but there are so many settings in both RD and LB that affect the output that I’d never be able to replicate yours. So if you have a genuine interest in discovering problems, as opposed to just describing them at length, save RD files. :slight_smile:

The speed you’ve found is likely the maximum speed the controller will take a corner at whatever angle is between the line segments emitted from LB vs those from RD. I could measure that angle in both, if I had the files.

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Sorry that I didn’t jump on saving the file and not just the circles. I’ll be more on it next time.
I don’t really use RD except to sleuth problems.

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