Since the update so much wrong

my ortur coordinates are way off on the grids i had and now all images just burn all black or all white nothing between they look exactly like this preview, it is ashame my trial is over in a few days and now I will have to find another program that will work like lightburn did before

How so? Please provide detailed description of what you had, and how that differs from what you are seeing now.

Which ‘Device Profile’ are you using? What settings do you have for the ‘Image’ layer? You are not telling us much we can work with here. You can use more descriptive wording, if you’d like helpful responses. :slight_smile:

We are here to help you get the most out of LightBurn, but you need to help us do so.

Shame? That will not be required. We only ask folks to ask nicely, in an email which includes the trial key, and we will extend the trial. We want you to make sure LightBurn is the right choice for you, prior to purchasing a license.

I have tried all image settings and they all just burn solid, what do you mean device profile? and now my grid is off about 40 mm in each direction

I will start with setting up my laser according to the fine instructions on this page, under documents. Then, if I run into problems I will go to the forument, here is a whole section which only deals with Ortur machines. And if that does not work for me, I will ask for advice here on the forum.
However, if you are very busy and you are convinced that all your problems are coming from the last update, then just install the latest working version again and you are back in business.

You haven’t shown much on your screen - what settings are you using for that image? If the DPI value is too high it would put all the dots very close together, to the point of overlapping, and produce a black blob when you run it.

You should say “I tried the following settings…” and list them. If you say, “I tried everything” that just means everything you could think of, but doesn’t tell us which things those were.

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