Single Pass Engraving


Is it possible to engrave in a similar manner as in the attached video? I have a RDC644XG controller. The machine is a generic Chinese laser like the one in the other attached link. I am not concerned with the set up in the video but more in the way the laser burns the image in one pass. With vector artwork I can get the laser to engrave in one pass but when I want to fill a letter it has to pass over the area a few dozen times.


The link machine is a CO2 laser and the video is using a fiber laser.

You can do the bands but I think you would need a rotary attachment to put the bands on. Have any members tried to burn into the bands with the block system in lieu of the rotary?



I have not tried to use a rotary attachment. I will look into it. Thank you.

How do you mean, exactly? Filled shapes are done by scanning one line at a time, back and forth, bottom to top (by default) to produce the shape. The video you linked is showing a galvo laser, which does exactly the same thing, it just does it really fast because the mirrors just rotate in place to direct the laser instead of being mounted on a gantry.

On a different observation, that’s an interesting way to repurpose a two pole breaker! :cowboy_hat_face:

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