Size of DXF is different once imported

Please help!! I have only just started using LightBurn. My problem is that when I import a DXF file, that I created in Inkscape the dimensions change. For example something that has a height of 6mm in Inkscape changes to 5.015 mm in Lightburn. I can’t simply scale it to make it bigger because components are scaled differently.

I have tried using SVG too and to the same result.

Sorry, How do I check that?

Yes, I have that selected.

What version of Inkscape are you using? Default dpi changed a little while back. May want to upgrade if using an old version.

[EDIT] - Just confirmed. Inkscape went from 90 DPI in 0.91 to 96 DP in 0.92.

However, this doesn’t correlate exactly to the 6 mm → 5.015 mm that you’re seeing so could be a red herring.

I think this might have something to do with it. I am using the new version of Inkscape, my students are using the old version. So when I open their files to cut, does it change it??? Do I simple need to update their Inkscape version to be the same as mine?

LightBurn assumes the new standard of 96 DPI.

You have a few options:

  1. Convert the 90 DPI files to 96 DPI prior to importing into LightBurn. I believe Inkscape may ask you how you want to convert if you load an older version file into a newer version. I’m not certain about this.
  2. Load the files directly into LightBurn. Then scale the whole design by 106.666%. This should correct for DPI change.

You can read about the DPI change here:
FAQ | Inkscape

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