Sizing Boxes are adding numbers at the end

I was resizing holes and noticed that lightburn would add another number to the end of what i was typing. This happened over and over and the added number appeared to be random.

Original hole size was .125 radius.
Changing to .265
Had the lock unlocked because the original size wasn’t a perfect .125 x .125. Maybe because of this issue.
I would highlight and enter .265 and press enter. The software would then add an additional digit to the end. So it might be .2657.

I have a video of it happening but can’t upload to this forum (not sure how). Take on my iPhone.

The forum doesn’t support video uploads. Can you host on a 3rd party site and link here?

Thanks for posting, but I am not understanding what you are showing in that video. :slight_smile: I do not see the example of “software would then add an additional digit to the end. So it might be .2657.”.

I had the same reaction as @Rick. Can’t really tell what’s going in the video. If it’s the portion of the video where .2656 is entered it looks like that’s coming from keyboard input.

Is it possible you have an issue with keyboard entry or ghosting? Do you have any programs running that are potentially intercepting or modifying keyboard input?

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I understand that is looks as though it is a keyboard input. But trust me it isn’t. It happened almost every time on about 20 holes. That last digit is random and i was very careful after noticing what is happening. It just populates that digit in the 10,000th place after i push enter or tab.

What I’m saying is that the source of the digit may not be originating from LightBurn. There may be something else presenting as a keyboard input.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an issue of random inputs for LightBurn on this forum and is not what a typical LightBurn issue would look like.

Do you get spurious inputs in any other program? Does it occur in other fields or only the height field?

What OS are you running?

I don’t have this happen in other programs. I use a lot of Cad, Adobe, Corel Draw. These all have this type of function.

It was happening with both the length and width. Sometimes it would take several tries to get it to stop. Always a random number.

I run Windows latest version.

What kind of object were you changing the size for?

Does this occur for every file and every object where you do this? And is this repeatable? If it only affects certain files can you upload an example file?

What is your sequence of key presses? How are you moving away from the field when this happens?

Is there a reliable sequence of steps that can recreate this? If so, try to document and I’ll try to reproduce it. So far I haven’t been able to get this to occur but my setup might be different than yours.


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