Sizing doesn't match

K…have the lm2/15w and lm1/15w… Just did the lightburn update… Don’t see any of the differences… However now when we frame up a specific size circle… It frames up a significantly different size than is on our workspace. Like the sizes aren’t translating… Help?

Both directions, or just one? Is it ONLY the circle in your edit window, or do you have other stuff in there? More information, screen shots of your file, and post your settings please. (type $$ in the console and paste the output here)

K… Kind of embarrassed… Measure wrong… Lol… However we are now having issues switching back to the lm1 with the rotor attachment… It doesn’t like the auto home disabled… As well is there a $$ value chart for each machine posted somewhere?

There are literally hundreds to thousands of random machines out there, so this isn’t anything we could possibly provide - you’d need to go to the machine vendor for the proper settings. In the case of Ortur, typing RST=* into the console and pressing enter will reset the machine to factory settings.

yes we definitely have ORTUR… thank-you we will try that… we have noticed that when we loaded the LM2, we ended up with 2 devices listed…both for the 430x400 workspace and the LM1 was no longer listed. should we choose just one? as rename it? is there an easy way to rename? or is that only available in the setup process. Do these setting stay in the lightburn software? we did manage to load the LM1 and renamed it but it didn’t save the settings for the rotor… hence the question above… how do we keep the settings and yes I just installed 9.18… (thank-you :))

You can easily go back to the Devices window and edit your existing machines (double click one to edit). The LM2 and LM1 are identical other than the size, so you should easily be able to go back through and edit the page size to the correct values and set the names however you like.

hi there,
thank-you so much for the help… we still can’t get the rotor unit or even the LM1 working… it keeps giving me #2 error… so we went back to reset the $22 = 1 reversing what we did to install the rotor… and then it gave the error 5… going backwards… we had the rotor installed and working properly (other than the framing light wouldn’t fire all the time) then when the LM2 came we installed it and it was working fine… (Again the framing light wouldn’t always fire) now we are having issues going back to the LM1 and the rotor. we had to reinstall it and haven’t been able to get it working.

Type this in console $RST=*
Press enter
Also i think you configured your machine as a Shapeoko or X-carve
Z shouldnt be enabled

k… We will give that a try… I do know Z isn’t enabled but I will check that we chose other instead… and we chose grbl as our machine…
Once we reset… do we just change $22 to =0 again to install the rotor

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