Sizing in percentage is not working

First, this is an amazing software I have just discovered lately, and I don’t know how I was able to make something without it for so long:)

I am trying to make as much as possible in LighBurn without the need of Illustrator or similar software. So, as a software developer in my business life, I am trying to learn LightBurn fully.

There is a bug, when trying to resize object in percentage. If you click ok arrow near percentage, it changes size in mm, not percentage. And even if you would like to resize for 50% by writing in a field, resizing is working, just percentage always remains the same: 100%.
Opomba 2020-05-21 142042

The change in percentage is immediate - If you change the size of the object to 50%, you will see it reduce in size by half. Then the percentage displayed goes back to 100%. If you enter 50% again, you will get 50% of the new size.

Size percentage and rotation angle are always relative to the current size or orientation. They do not “stick” because it’s often not possible to show a “correct” number, as the post that Ralph links to demonstrates.

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