Sizing is wrong

Hello all,
I have a Yora Home 6550, it works fine, but my sizing is off. as a test I made a 4X4 square. Only it came out 2X2. Is there something I can do to fix this. All of my other projects are smaller than I size. Thanks.

Calibrate your steps

go into
Machine settings
Calibrate Axis
Next put a medium in (wood, paper or tape etc)
draw your box in lightburn 100 x 100mm
turn your power down so it just scores / marks the material
measure your actual cut size as accurately as you can, and then change the numbers in the calibration
request/demand size = 100mm
actual size = whatever you measure

i would suggest testing a few times to make sure its all good

Ok. I tried that and it wouldn’t let me change the size. If I measure the square, and double the size it comes out right. But I don’t want to have to do that for each thing I make.
Also my sizing for my working area keeps going much smaller than it should be. I want it set to 19.75x25.52. it is setting itself to 5.67x7.56(not actual numbers just a reference). Any ideas how to fix that? Thanks for the help.

This may help and is worth review: Machine Settings - LightBurn Software Documentation

Lightburn isn’t letting you change the settings?

Did you press write after changing?

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