Sizing objects, and closing lines

I want to use LightBurn to create laser kits for myself for model railroading. my designs look great. pn the fill I have lines (319) on the line I have several cuts. the dialog box tells me that I did not close the fill lines. On each set of lines I pressed esc. How do you close those lines, and how do you you reduce the size of the objects that are to be cut out ? I even deleted the lines in order to start again…

If all the lines are properly aligned you can select all lines and do Edit->Auto-join selected shapes. Or else you can use node edit tool and manually locate the end nodes on top of one another which will result in them joining.

You can scale objects by select them and then using the scale fields in Numeric Edits toolbar to scale the object. You can also scale by using the corner handles that appear when selected.

Thanks I’ll try those. I’m new to this…

Ok now I have unwanted shading on a project. how do I get rid of it

It’s unclear what you’re describing. Can you include a screenshot that shows what you’re seeing?

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