Sizing on tumbler compressing / Stretching image

When I have an image in Lightburn, JPG or SVG, and I rotate the image 90 degrees for a tumbler, the image becomes distorted. Even when I look at the image in “Image Adjustment” its distorted. I had a perfectly square image, all looked fine, I rotated it 90 on the main page and then in adjustments the height got severely stretched. The software is the issue, not the Otour roller assemble as I have all the settings correct and verified on it. Literally in your software, the stretching is taking place. Wha tis happening?

I suspect that you’re working with a vector file that gets messed up when you rotate it.
If you’re willing to share the LightBurn file here I’ll attempt the rotate and try to repeat the behaviour.

You can drag and drop the lbrn or lbrn2 file here if you’re so inclined.

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