Skipping Bridges

I’m using a 50w laser to engrave and cut MDF punch tokens for a game. One sheet consists of square tokens. A second sheet consists of hexagon tokens. Each token is joined to another with a bridge. Overlapping lines aren’t cut.

The square tokens cut fine with one bridge per side. Zero issues. All the bridges are exactly where they should be.

The hexagon tokens miss bridges, that is, some are just skipped. On some tokens it might be a single bridge while other tokens might miss all of them. These also have one bridge per side.

This is completely consistent behavior. The squares cut flawlessly while the hexagons experience issues every time. The only difference, other than the shape, is that I placed the square bridges automatically whereas I had to place the hexagon bridges manually to get the spacing correct.

Any thoughts? Thank you!

What was the problem with the automated tabs and hexagons that required you to do them manually?

If possible, post the .lbrn2 file in your reply. You can drop it on the reply window or use the download-icon-lightburnicon on the tool bar.


Show us. :slight_smile: Share some screenshots showing how you set this file up, the preview, and the results you are getting, so we can ‘see’ what you are explaining.

Sorry. Tossed the question in as we were walking out the door. I’ve attached the file.

I would really rather use the automated bridging as I suspect doing it manually is my issue, though I can’t place a bridge unless it’s on a line, so I don’t think I could be placing them wrong? The issue I was having using the automated method is getting one bridge per side of each hexagon. The hexagons share sides, which was causing each side to have multiple bridges.
formation and condition tokens back with tabs.lbrn2 (121.3 KB)

Playing around with this a bit. I can see the missing bridges/tabs when I zoom in. I didn’t realize that, so that’s helpful. So I focused on a hexagon that was missing two bridges. I deleted the two missing bridges, re-added, and nothing still. I moved one of the working bridges off another side and it wouldn’t then show. I detached the hexagon from the others it was joined to, added a bridge, and it showed fine. So I may just need to play around to get this, though I think I have a workaround at least.

Figured it out. So automatic was working fine. I just didn’t realize it. What I have is a bunch of hexagons sharing sides. I initially set the automatic tabs to six, though I thought it wasn’t working as I needed as you’d then see every hex with six tabs meaning two tabs showing on many of the hex sides. However, when you look at the preview the program seems smart enough to skip those extraneous tabs leaving only six per hex as needed.

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