Skipping lines - mirror engrave

Bodor BCL1309, Ruida 6442s controller, reci W4 tube.
300 speed, 25% min 25% max, 1.5mm interval.

Tried this on 2 mirrors and have same problem. Traced image in lightburn, tried a 3rd mirror, same problems. Lightburn preview shows all lines as they should be. These missing lines are NOT in the same spot each time I burn.

Machine is 2 months old and maybe has 10 hours on it, I’ve never ran the tube over 60% power.

I’d appreciate any input you may have.

Do you have Flood Fill Scanning enabled for that layer?

Correction…these skips DO seem to be in he same position on the image and it doesn’t matter where I place the piece on the bed. I did try another file that worked perfectly in the past, a few days ago I ran it and noticed the skipping issue…I figured it was just a glitch…I ran that file just now in a completely x and y area and have the skipping in the exact same spot on he image again.
This issue started a few days ago. I updated lightburn right around the same time, I hope I did it correctly. Could it be software??

It’s an image…no flood full, Oz.

Hmmm…I’m using the Threshold setting…never used that before this started, doesn’t seem like that would do it though. I’ll try anything, I just hate tossing all these mirrors in the trash.
This is the other file that used to work fine, now the line through the upper section of the guitar and through the border is repeats with every burn.


Honestly, I’m kinda lost Hank, it was working fine around 5 days ago. All I’ve really changed is speed and power settings.

You could try an older version of LB to see if the update has caused it.

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Problem solved…the backing on these mirrors is quite thick. I had to up the power to burn through enough to color fill the back. The problem was build up on the nose cone interfering with the beam. The build up obviously happened around the same spot on the engraving every time which is why I initially thought it was software related. I have masked a mirror, cut at lower power (20%),but I need to do 2 passes to get through the backing.
I have some large mirrors to do that will take hours, i would hate to have to burn them twice to get a clean color fill. I am wondering if anyone has ideas on how I can use more power to cut through on one pass without buildup on the nose cone?? The mask did seem to help but not quite enough.

Thanks for all your help so far!

PS…OZ, the new update doesnt have flood fill, which is why my previous reply may not have made sense…I quickly looked at the program and didnt see the option, I assumed it was because it was an image without realizing the option was disabled in the newer version.

Is material building up on the inside edge of the cone? Sounds like you might need more air pressure.

I was asking because I wasn’t sure if you were on the latest version, and that’s been one of the main culprits in the past for this problem, which is why it’s been removed for DSPs. Happy to hear you got it sorted, and happier that it wasn’t my fault. :slight_smile:

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It’s on the outside and hanging down…resembles a dripping candle. It was hard to spot because it would only hang there for a second or two then blow off. My air is wide open, I was tossing around the idea of trying it with no air, but am afraid the crap will get inside the cone and onto the lens.

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