Skipping or Missing Lines

I’ve been using an eleks laser engraver for a while and really enjoying it but recently I’m running into some trouble when I’ve tried to fine tune the settings. It originally had the benbox firmware on it, but that software felt a little brutal to use. I found I could upgrade to GRBL, so I’m currently running GRBL 1.1h

I Was getting weird issues with solid areas. I found this was because laser mode was not enabled. My speed was too fast and it was only burning at the start/end of lines. Once I discovered laser mode and dialed down my speed, I was getting solid areas to burn but noticed another issue. I’m getting chunks skipped. The laser seems to be on, but not at full power. The issue seems inconsistent. I can attempt the same image twice and have different missing areas. I’m thinking it’s software related since I haven’t run into this until I was working with the settings.

I’m hoping someone can help me rule out any software/configuration issues. Here’s my settings and a photo of one of the failed burns. Let me know if there’s anything else I can provide.


Below is the resulting image and the original. I created a black nd white vector of it. I don’t know why there are chunks missing when it goes to burn.

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