SKR v1.3 with tmc2208

Hi everyone,

Stupid new here, seriously! I have a bit of knowledge with 3D printers and using gcode and Marlin. But absolutely nothing about smoothiware or similar.

I have a K40 that I bought new, i swear it was built using old used damaged parts. Paid over $600 and received back $500 because of damaged or broken parts on arrival. I’ve been using the laser happily now for a couple of months and all of a sudden the laser head just parks itself in the home position while in the middle of a job, or it’ll just slow the speed from 200mm/s down to say 5mm/s and it literally just cuts through the acrylic. I originally thought it was my USB cable, I swapped that out for a new one. Then swapped my laptop for my desktop, same results!

My last ditch effort was to add 2 fans to the enclosure in hopes it was the M2 board overheating……. No ideas at all. I have a couple of spare SKR v1.3 boards and tmc2208s kicking around as spares for my 3D printers.

I’ve read quite a bit on using the SKR boards but I get all confused. Looking for some help if possible? I’m a visual learner as I have a brain injury from my Military time. I’ve watched so many great videos on programming the SKR boards for 3D printing, I can’t for the life of me find the same for the lasers. Does anyone happen to know of one, or some images, schematics, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’d go buy the cohesion board; however, on a disability Military pension, well, it doesn’t work so well while trying to live.


Hello Dan.
Have you thoroughly read these very informative threads on this subject?
It took many weeks to grow these and there is a lot of information for anyone looking for going the cheaper way which works great but as you already know: time is money.

Cohesion3d laserboard is a good solution but expensive - that’s the price for a simple plug and play swap and upgrade not to mention the cheaper flavor of Lightburn license required. installing SKR, MKS or similar gcode interpreters needs tinkering and it’s not for everyone. for some it takes like 20% of the time to install and wire it, and the rest 456% of the time to fiddle with it and fine tune things to one’s liking :slight_smile: (Ask me how I know…).

Please read the threads i shared and see if you’re willing to go down this road.

Just the person I was hoping would reply! I searched for a way to PM you; however, I failed miserably at that, lol

I have loads of experience with 3D printers and using Marlin firmware. It took a while to learn that, lol. Loads and loads of experience soldering, wiring, etc. Not afraid of that. But, as I said, I have a brain injury and reading something just doesn’t sink in for me much anymore. I’m almost 100% visual learner now.

I have read quite a few of those threads, but in those I tend to get confused allot. I’d love to see a video if someone has done one, or a breakdown of written with pictures too.

Either way, I’m more than willing to give it a go for sure! If it all fails, I will just have to break down and buy the cohesion board. I don’t want to use another stock board as I want the roller as well.

Thanks and I would greatly appreciate any and all help from you!

Hi Squid,

I’m in the process of wiring up my SKR v1.3 board and read through the links you attached. I have a few questions for you if you don’t mind? When you talk about the fan fet(pin 2.3), I know what you are talking about; however, Do you mean you attach a pin then solder the wire to the leg of the mosfet itself, or just use the pins on the fan connector itself? WOuld you happen to have a diagram of the way you wired up your board?