Slate using Fill Mode and getting squiggly results

So very frustrated I have been engraving slate coasters for some time. I am attempting to complete a customer order that went wrong 1/2 way through the job.
I like up 4 coasters in a 4x4 grid. This order started off fine. Ran my job and the first two coasters are perfect. The next two were botched. I have not been able to engrave in Fill mode at all. I did a test using Line mode (using card stock for testing) and I could not see any issues. Switch to fill mode and it bad.

any pics?
i just had terrible trouble with squiggly burns, thou i could not do straight lines either.
went bad half way thru an engrave. long story short the lens shook loose inside the laser head…

I will post a couple of pix in just a bit. I running yet another test.
Lens shifting I did not consider. Perhaps because the is so random it is driving me crazy.

I tightened the x axis belt as it was a bit loose. Did not help.
I did find that something is our of plumb/square.
My gantry seems square, but when I do a beam alignment test with the gantry far left, midway and far right the burn is off…
Left - is hitting center of 3rd mirror - like I would expect
Mid - is striking 1.5mm lower than Left
Right - is striking 4mm lower than Left
This is consistent front to back (Y axis).
I don’t think this is causing the squiggly engravings, but it is concerning.
I am not sure how to adjust for this issue. I will be doing research.

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