Slice and image/ connect and image

Hi, How do you slice an image? I feel like I am doing it the hard way. I have to make a box and then use the boolan feature. So if it is slightly curved I have a hard time.

Then if I want to connect a curved item I have to do something similar.

Is there a way to draw and then connect or slice? Tia

Not following what you are asking to do. While using the Line tool, LightBurn will snap to a grid point or another node to help you “connect” things. You can also do this using the ‘Edit Nodes’ tool.

If by an image you mean a bitmap - like a picture, LightBurn does not provide tools for this as of yet. If you are talking about using vector-based art, you can use the Boolean or Cut Shapes (new feature in version 9.15) tools to edit your work.

Maybe you can share the source art and some details/illustrations to help us better understand what you are trying to accomplish and we can offer some suggested workflows.

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