Slide top gift card holder

Coaster slide top gift card holder.

I designed this to hold a gift card and make triple use of it as a coaster and a Christmas tree ornament.

It slides apart to reveal a gift card holder. There is a hole for hanging on a tree. If you finish it thoroughly with spar varnish, it could be used as a coaster. This could also be used to hold a key to a new car!

I used 2mm 2 ply for the slides, from Cards of Wood, and 3mm ply as spacers.

Glued together with Titebond II Premium for water resistance.

Disclaimer- I do not remember seeing this design anywhere else, so I have not intentionally copied it and claimed it as my design.

I provide this with no limitations for use. I hope it is useful for someone!

There is a hole in my Lightburn file.

Here is a short demo movie:

Coaster slider for gift card

Designed in Lightburn and exported as an SVG.